Simon Romanov

Three Zodiac Signs Attract Wealth On June 24, 2024.

Monday, June 24, offers an astrological 'good luck charm' in the shape of a transit known as 'Moon trine Jupiter.' Jupiter is famed for its growth. When in trine with the Moon, we may see that the expansion we are seeing here is the type that occurs in the financial account.  

What's even better is that we don't get in the way; instead, we open our hearts to the idea of abundance.


Because you are feeling particularly at peace with yourself right now, Leo, you are unknowingly sending out a message to the cosmos, which then becomes a communication.

You are happy and content, allowing the universe to 'see' you as a magnetic force for goodness and abundance. 



What you've discovered about your life, Capricorn, is that not only can hard work bring you good fortune, but it's also acceptable to want more, as long as your ambitions aren't selfish and are for the benefit of others.

On June 24, 2024, during the transit of Moon trine Jupiter, you will summon up the powers of the universe in the form of drawing money to you. 


You lure prosperity because you believe you are deserving of it, but also because you believe it is part of your destiny.   

You feel as though wealth and abundance are your destiny and that you are merely stepping into what is already yours.