Simon Romanov

Tom Brady describes his experience at Michigan

Tom Brady was the quarterback for the Michigan Wolverines in college before becoming the great NFL quarterback he is today.

But it appears that his time at Michigan effectively prepared him for his experience with the New England Patriots at the next level.

During a recent interview on The Pivot, Tom Brady had a pretty clear message about how Michigan prepared him for the NFL,

pointing out that the way he was trained at Michigan was very similar to how he was coached at the NFL level by head coach Bill Belichick.

"I think I've always shown the world parts of me and I think there's other parts which I didn't really feel like was the right place to express it to because even when I went to Michigan,

it was a very team focused program," Brady told The Pivot. "It was all about the team, as Bo Schembechler put it: 'the team, the team, the team.'

"Then I went from that program to the Patriots for five years, and coach Belichick was the team, the team, the team, for 28 years, and it wasn't my voice. It was the team's voice. 

And as the team's leader, I felt that this was how we should do it.""And in a lot of ways I liked that because I thought we always did a good job of doing our best to keep the distractions at a minimum," Brady stated.


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