Top 5 Zodiac Signs Who Are Worst in Science and Maths

Have you wondered if your zodiac sign masks your scholastic abilities?   

The stars may not influence your grades, but they may reveal patterns.   

Explore how specific zodiac signs might handle science and math.  

Aries people are like shooting stars—bold, bright, and energetic! However, they may need a boost when learning numbers and mathematics. Typical Aries enthusiasm may make individuals feel ready to conquer the world in one minute and jump to the next bright item in the next.  


Geminis are social chameleons that adapt to any environment. They are curious and can easily switch fields. But wait! Their quicksilver minds can distract them, especially when balancing various interests. Science and math demand significant focus, thus this propensity can inhibit their progress.  


When they can be creative and expressive, Leos shine. The life of the party, they bring energy and passion to everything. Lesos may lose interest in science and math due to their rigidity.  


Libras may struggle to make the correct decision when confronted with intricate mathematics or scientific challenges due to their infamous indecisiveness. When you have two tempting options, picking one might be a big challenge!  


Ever jarred stardust? Pisces may feel that way attempting to understand science and math. It might be hard to stay anchored amid theories and mathematics, which can seem like shooting stars.  



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