Simon Romanov

Traditional Macaroni Salad  

Zach's first two softball games of the season were rained out, and I'm starting to forget what the sun looks like. I'm absolutely over it.  

I'm eager for summertime sunshine and cookouts, and with Memorial Day weekend just around the corner,  

I'm taking advantage of the chance to prepare and share my all-time favorite macaroni salad dish, even though the weather outside is dreary and dismal.  

I've posted a couple of my summer salads, including my favorite broccoli salad and ramen noodle salad, but this one might be my favorite.  

Macaroni salad is a party/potluck/cookout staple; no gathering is complete without a massive chilled bowl, and today I'll show you how to prepare my favorite version and the deliciously creamy, slightly sweet dressing that goes with it.  

You can obviously add your favorite additional ingredients or make substitutions (for example, some people prefer sliced green onions to red onions,   

and others like to add paprika to their dressing), but this is my favorite combination, and I strongly advise you to try it exactly this way at least once.  

The dressing I just stated is what truly distinguishes it from other potluck recipes you may have tried. It has exactly the appropriate amount of creaminess; the noodles are coated in just enough sauce and are neither dry nor soaked in dressing.    


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