Travis Kelce: I like playing potential top teams early

The full schedule for the 2024 season will be unveiled on Wednesday night, but the Chiefs began planning earlier this week.  

Prior to the final unveiling, network and league announcements revealed that the Chiefs will host the Ravens in the first regular season game and play the Bengals at home in Week Two.   

These are a handful of likely candidates in the AFC, and Chiefs tight ends Travis Kelce remarked on his New Heights podcast that he enjoys having the opportunity to "gauge where we are" against such teams in September.  

"I do like playing the potential, like, top teams in the league early," said Kelce.  

"I'd prefer to play them early or midseason. I don't like playing at the end of the season outside of my division. I just feel like it's too close to the playoffs, and if I have the opportunity to play them in the playoffs, I want to keep the game interesting.  

Kelce noted that he normally feels "beaten up" in December, which is why he's fine with starting the season against tough opponents  

Some may consider a difficult early schedule as having the potential to send a team on a downward spiral right out of the gate, 

but the Chiefs' recent run of success, particularly their late-season/postseason play in 2023, likely make that possibility seem distant.  


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