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Watch Mr. Queen Season 1 on Netflix.  

A chef wakes up as a royal queen in Mr. Queen Season 1, a comic K drama. He wants to return to his body and the present. The series follows the protagonist as he struggles to return home through humorous encounters.  

You can stream Mr. Queen Season 1 on Netflix. Season 1 features 20 episodes. Chef Bong-Hwan flees the police after delivering an envoy a poor lunch in season one.   

He wakes up as Mr. Queen after falling into a pool while escaping. In later episodes, the chef becomes enraged and tries to escape after realizing he is in the 19th century as a royal queen. The cook rejects the king's love efforts on the queen.  

Shin Hae-sun, Kim Jung-Hyun, Bae Jong-ok, Kim Tae-woo, and others star. Netflix is a trusted OTT provider with millions of paid users. Netflix has Crash Landing on You, King The Land, Business Proposal, and more K-dramas.  

Follow these steps to view Netflix: Sign up at Choose from these payment plans: $6.99/month (Ads included) Monthly $15.49 (Standard)  

Premium: $22.99/month Create an account using your email and password. Select your payment method.

The cheapest Netflix Standard with Ads Plan offers most movies and TV shows (save a handful). Most of its material will have commercials before or during it. Full HD and two devices are supported.

The Standard Plan is ad-free and lets customers download material on two supported devices and add one non-household member.  


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