Zendaya and Tom Holland's Love Story Is Straight From a Movie

Zendaya and Tom Holland, who co-starred in Spider-Man, spent years avoiding questions about whether or not their on-screen romance was real  

but the two decided to make it official between the second and third installments of their superhero epic, giving fans everywhere exactly what they wanted.  

Instead of dismissing speculations that they are more than pals, the two have become one of Hollywood's loveliest duos  

offering plenty of support for each other's projects and even giving us behind-the-scenes looks at their love lives.  

Here's all you need to know about Tomdaya, as fans have dubbed them, from their first movie appearances together to important red carpet occasions.  

The duo were seen hugging and kissing each other during the London premiere of Zendaya's flick Challengers.  

Holland was the epitome of a supportive boyfriend as he whistled, cheered, and recorded Zendaya's introduction.  

Zendaya spoke to Vogue on witnessing Holland's career take off after starring in the Spider-Man franchise.   


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